REMOVE the Confederate statue in front of the Gregg County Courthouse

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Together, we can remove this monument that represents the traitors, slavers, and white supremacists that put their life on the line in order to own other human beings.


Gov. Greg Abbott said removing Confederate monuments "won't erase our nation's past, and it doesn't advance our nation's future...” "Racist and hate-filled violence — in any form — is never acceptable, and as governor I have acted to quell it. My goal as governor is to eliminate the racist and hate-filled environment we are seeing in our country today.”

The Daughters of the Confederacy, who have sponsored the monument, have made it their mission to keep the voices of traitors and white supremacists alive.

Here is a quote from former Mayor Bodenheim.  "Men of the Confederacy in the name of the city of Longview, I bid you welcome to the fair city. You will find yourselves among your own people here, and every man, woman, and child within its boundaries stands back of me when I say we honor you beyond words. Your uniforms may be faded, but every thread of them speaks to us of glorious achievement and heroic endeavor, and I had rather have such a uniform to bequeath to my children as a legacy than the diamond bedecked regalia of the greatest king that ever graced a throne."

"This Monument stands for the cause of liberty; it stands for the vindication of American manhood and American bravery; it represents the blood of a nation spent in a cause that to the Sons seemed worthy; it immortalizes Southern chivalry and Southern Womanhood, and do not ever go near it without lifting your hat, for you are standing on sacred ground."

Do Confederate white supremacists and racists find their brothers and sisters in Longview, TX? Is this city a haven for those traitors? This county spits on the people whose families were sold throughout the South, whose blood was spilled and whose cries echoed off of the walls, those who were worked until their fingers bled and until they dropped dead, and those who were lynched in the trees by the so-called “Confederate heroes” that this county upholds so highly. Is this what Longview stands for? Is this what Gregg County stands for? Is this who we are?

This monument belongs in a museum as an example to the future generations. This is what we will not tolerate.

Together, we can show racists that they will not be praised here or anywhere. Not anymore.