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Bill Maher: Don’t give air time to quack AIDS doctors

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My name is Maria Mejia, and I am a 27-year survivor of HIV. As an activist and advocate for those living with HIV, I was saddened and angry at Bill Maher for having Sam Chachoua as a guest on his show. Sam Chachoua has claimed he’s found a cure for cancer and HIV. For over 10 minutes, Bill Maher allowed Chachoua to discuss how goat’s milk is the cure, and current HIV medications are poison.

I wish I could say Bill Maher used the segment to point out how Chachoua’s claims were dangerous and ridiculous. Instead, Bill Maher seem to sit in agreement with the pseudo-science and didn’t challenge Chachoua.

In 1989, at age 16, I was infected with HIV. It was a time when HIV was a death sentence. But thanks to my HIV medication -- the very ones Chachoua told the world are poison -- I am a healthy 42-year-old. This almost didn’t happen. As a vulnerable teen, I was in denial about my diagnosis and sought natural cures. I was even made to believe that my own urine could heal me. I was desperate, and misinformed.

I’m calling on Bill Maher to invite an HIV medical expert onto his show, who can counter Sam Chachoua’s false and dangerous claims.

Millions of people around the world live full lives because of advances in HIV medication. Sam Chachoua wants them to stop taking them and drink goat’s milk instead. This misinformation on a global platform such as HBO will reach vulnerable people dealing with HIV, people who trust Bill Maher because he has made a career out of calling out science denialists. But this time, he has enabled one and it could cost people their money, health, and lives.

People like Chachoua told me I’d be okay with no medicine. Without it, I remember starting to feel like a candle that was burning out slowly. I learned I had cancer in my uterus and my T-cell count was only 39. I was dying because I had ignored science.

I returned to the United State for better treatment and learned I had AIDS. The prayers and natural cures couldn’t stop the HIV from ravaging my immune system. I decided I wanted to live, and started HIV medication. Thanks to medical science, I am here to start this petition today.

We need to speak up and not let 30 years of research and hard work go down the drain. Tell Bill Maher to bring a real HIV expert and researcher onto his show. Please sign and share my petition. Together, we can save lives and give true hope to those who have lost it.

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