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Remove the fictitious movie "Soaked in Bleach" from the market

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Dear Mr. Statler,

We are a bunch of Nirvana fans who saw your movie "Soaked in Bleach". It has come to light that three experts in the movie were heavily edited to fit into the murder narrative. The truth is that Kurt Cobain took his own life. This case was investigated by several experts and overlooked by independent experts. Krist Novoselic spoke out what he thinks about the movie, as well did many others like Nirvana's first manager Ryan Aigner.

To this day Tom Grant has not presented any valid evidence that shows that Kurt Cobain was murdered in a conspiracy plot improvised by his wife Courtney Love Cobain. Tom Grant strongly plays with hearsay and stories that do not match with content in the Seattle Police Department reports on the case. Furthermore it appears that Tom Grant violated very serious and important laws criminalizing electronic eavesdropping. And you had no problem to use this material in "Soaked in Bleach" (in an edited form).

People who will watch your movie will mistake the fictitious documentary (as well mentioned in the end credits of your very own movie) as a true event and continue to "fight" for something that does exist only in a few heads like Tom Grant's or Richard Lee's. Those people have never been questioned about their motives to see a woman and her supposed conspirers go to prison for a crime they didn't commit.

Since 23 years these people experience immense bullying on the internet (and on a few occasions in real life, too) by people who believe in the murder narrative. And even Kurt Cobain's daughter is the victim of the same terrible behaviour of "Soaked in Bleach" fans. As if it is not enough to already have lost a loved one by suicide. But to get wrongly accused of murder without valid evidence is a step too far. Especially when the suicide is consistent with the investigation of the Seattle Police Department Homicide Unit and independent experts who were shown in your movie but their information was omitted.

We would like you to rethink your "entertaining work" that didn't include journalistic work. Many people are not aware of what a documentary drama is. It is more drama than a documentary. We would like you to also think about what this movie does to suicide prevention. We believe it damages the work of thousands of people who want to help suicidal people. It doesn't help people who still struggle to understand why Kurt Cobain took his own life when you romanticise or glorify the death of Kurt Cobain as fake murder.

Please Mr. Statler, remove this movie from the market. It is a disservice to the general public by misrepresenting the facts of the case. Furthermore we would not be disappointed if you would present the entire interviews from the experts in an uncut form. The editings in the movie are now public knowledge. But the content of the omitted information is still not fully available to educate the public about the #CobainCase and to restore the reputation of the entire Seattle Police Department Homicide Unit and edited experts and friends of Cobain in your movie.

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Thank you very much. We are looking forward to an adult like reaction from you, Mr. Statler, in the same way like you demand it from the Seattle Police Department.

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