Add Belle Delphine to Dead by Daylight

Add Belle Delphine to Dead by Daylight

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The Simp Nation has been growing by the day, every hour hundreds of simps rise up to support the Queen, many of us play Dead by Daylight so we demand Belle Delphine to be added as a playable Survivor.

We ask Behaviour and the Queen Delphine to come to an agreement and PLEASE make our dreams come true. We need this, now. The simps wouldn't mind to pay up to 50$ if that is what the Queen requests. 

We would also like if she had custom voice lines like Ash, moaning for example, or a custom emote when you press "3" that would make her perform an ahegao.

I am a very dedicated Dead by Daylight player and I also love Belle Delphine, for this reason I cannot stay quiet any longer my blood is boiling, all my five senses have ascended just thinking about this possibility.

I feel like E-Girls don't have a fair and accurate representation in the Dead by Daylight community, I think this is needed specially during Pride Month where we embrace all kinds of opinions and views. You got the thicc big booty Jane you can make this happen, I believe in us, I believe in our queen.

I am calling all simps to rally behind me and support this noble cause, lets show our queen Dead by Daylight is a game where she can feel embraced and safe, just like at home.