Be human, save millions in Yemen

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Be human, save millions in Yemen

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A call for action : End the world's worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen

According to the United Nations (UN), Yemen is now the "world's worst humanitarian disaster" which is why we think it is important to take action.

Spread the word. The war kills thousands, but the humanitarian crisis will kill millions if nothing is done immediately. By signing this petition, you can be part of the solution and change the life of millions.

The facts:

- 20,7 million people in Yemen need some kind of humanitarian or protection support

- 9,8 million people are in acute need of assistance

- 17 million people are food insecure

- Yemen counts 1 million cases of cholera

- 8 million people are expected to die of starvation in the next months 

- 400 000 children need treatment for acute severe malnutrition

- 130 children are dying every day

- 50 000 children are expected to die by the end of 2017


Since 2015, a war has been going on in Yemen, leading to the situation today. To learn more about the conflict, click here. In November, the country was under a humanitarian blocus, blocking all assistance in Yemen. At the moment, all the important ports are still blocked which prevents the importation of much needed food, fuel, medical treatments and water sanitation services. As of December 2nd, 4 tanks of fuel and 10 ships of food are still waiting to enter the country. More than 70 organisations are trying to help but their access are restricted.

What are we asking?

1. End immediately the Saudi coalition blockade on Yemen

2. Authorize all shipments of food, fuel, medical treatments and water sanitation services to enter the country

3. That UN ask their member states to take actions and put pressure on Saudi coalition to end blockade and bombing

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