Make Pet Crematorium 24/7, mandate all shelters/hospital to cremate unclaimed dead animals

Make Pet Crematorium 24/7, mandate all shelters/hospital to cremate unclaimed dead animals

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Dogs & Pets should be interred with dignity. We request the BBMP to make the BBMP Pet Crematorium at Sumanahalli both 24/7 and better publicized in order to avoid illegal dumping or  incorrect burial across civic sites.

In addition , we request the BBMP to mandate any institutions dealing with dead animals like vet clinics, animal shelters, garbage collectors, to mandatorily collect and deposit the dogs ONLY at the Pet Crematorium for hygienic cremation. From a health perspective and for citizens safety , thisbis also important 

We hear that carcasses are routinely taken & dumped in an unsanitary manner, at outlying areas, thereby affecting ground water & public health. It is imperative that Records should be maintained, and data verified.  It is well documented that cremation rather than a cemetery or burial is a much more sustainable from the environment, land use  & public health perspective.

In addition, the large animal facility is not fully functional due to electric issues and needs to be looked at & maintained. Why has this been allowed to continue ?

Loss & grief is already hard to bear , but logistics of having nowhere to go to inter a beloved pet ( who is part of the family) exacerbates the wound. By keeping the crematorium operational 24/7 (considering staff stay there as well ) , people will not have to choose expensive burials, that also goes against their own beliefs. Since the numbers of pet lovers and rescues have gone up ,and Bangalore's increasing attachment to its pets , having a sensitive handling of the pet as well as the family's grief, would be the right thing to do.As of now, burial seems to be the norm

Surprisingly , instead of pushing for a better utilized facility, adding one more in an opposite end of the city & ensuring city health and hygiene to check animals are properly disposed of , we hear that the JD BBMP-AH feels that the Pet Crematorium is not being properly utilized. This is not so. The better option , since it has already been constructed at great cost of nearly 3 crores, is to open it 24/7 ( as of now dogs that pass away after 5pm are dumped or kept in freezers at great cost overnight) . Naturally ensuring that all publicly disposed of animals are brought for cremation will not only ensure better utilization but also be very hygienic. According to the Ministry of Environments and Forests, deep burial of dead animals is only permitted in rural areas, where the size of the human population does not exceed five lakh.

As citizens concerned re health in the city and also animal lovers, we are   keen to shine light on this seemingly small but important issue , have information as to where the dogs and other animal carcasses at Govt vet hospitals , private clinics, shelters , ward level and BBMP garbage collection , are being disposed of.  It is incumbent for the BBmp to be forward thinking  and environmentally respectful in this area .  We hope this issue has the department’s full attention, they can share the data and information &  and will be duly actioned . 

Having CCTV cameras in the premises, ensuring basic SOP’s are maintained and respectful funera are given will prevent any potential misuse, arguments  or untoward incident as well . 

A detailed discussion with the group Citizens for Animal Birth Control & Mr Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner, Health & Solid Waste Management, on 22 April 2018, also highlighted this matter & it was minuted for discussion & action .

We are sure quick action will be taken on this  issue .

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