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Give In The Flesh a 90 Minute Special

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We express our support for a 90 minute "In the Flesh" special as creator Dominic Mitchell suggested it.

"In The Flesh" is not only an amazing, well-crafted TV show in every aspect, but has also had a huge positive impact in the lives, especially the mental health, of a great part of the fandom.

It is not only an outstanding work of art. It is important beyond its artistic value. The characters, struggles, storylines and themes portrayed make it a masterpiece literally able to change lives.

Since the BBC decided to cancel "In The Flesh" in January of 2015 after just two seasons, fans have campaigned for a third season for more than two year. We have organized multiple mass-tweet events and got various hashtags trending on twitter multiple times, we have created multiple petitions, generating almost 50.000 signatures on a petition calling for a third season, as well as a combined 70.000 signatures on two asking Amazon and Netflix to pick it up.

We are calling to the BBC, BBC America, as well as every potential network, financier or person in a position to collaborate with Dominic Mitchell to facilitate and create a 90 minute "In The Flesh" special:

"In the Flesh" fans want closure. We will support a 90 minute special in every way. Please consider the dedication of the fandom and the importance of "In The Flesh" and create a 90 minute special.

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