The BBC need to reconsider the axing of the David White show on BBC Radio Cornwall

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Sue Tate started this petition to BBC

Cornwall is a unique place to live.

There are villages that are intertwined with people and history, all joining up to make a wonderful county.

You can often walk down the street and strangers will exchange greetings with each other.

You can listen to presenters on the local radio station and you will always have something in common with them.

They often feel like they’re part of your family, their voice filling your home on a regular basis. They form part of the community where strangers become your friends, your friends become your family and your family becomes a part of Cornish history.

Only now, we’re expected to give up a part of that family.


Because today, the BBC announced cuts as part of a money saving exercise.

The David White Boogie Wonderland show on BBC Radio Cornwall is set to be axed.

It’s set to become replaced with show that will be played out across all local stations at the same time every week.

A centralised show.

Nothing personal.

No links to the presenter.

Just a show that will play out across the country.

How can that be right?

How can we allow this to happen?

The David White show has a massive following, with people across the world tuning in.

Saturday nights see people from different places all coming together. These people make friends on social media, share stories and jokes, post photos and interact because the show brings them all together.

It’s interactive and it’s personal. It makes even the loneliest people feel that they’re a part of something. It makes them feel like family.

The savings made would be minuscule to a large corporation like the BBC.

You only have to look at the salaries of the top ten earners of the BBC to realise that cutting a Saturday evening show is not actually a worthwhile exercise.

Radio Cornwall is a part of our county.

In my own personal case, my parents listen and in turn, so do I and now, so do my children. This isn’t exclusive. It happens to so many generations of people who live in Cornwall and in some cases, those who’ve moved out of the county too.

The minute you have a centralised show that’s impersonal, people will retune to a different station.

More often than not, they won’t tune back in again.

Do we want to allow this to happen and for the listener ratings of Radio Cornwall to fall? Because they will, and what will be axed next?

Before we know it, other shows will be gone too and eventually, there won’t be a BBC Radio Cornwall anymore.

We urge you to reconsider axing the David White Saturday Boogie Wonderland show and believe that you are doing people an injustice with this action. There are more effective ways to save money within the company than cutting a popular 3 hour Saturday night show.


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