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APVMA we demand an urgent Review of the Use of 1080 in Australia

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Melbourne, Australia

Mar 8, 2016 — Eight years since the use of 1080 poison in Australia was reviewed by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines, the Authority who regulates the use of poisons and chemicals in Australia.
Its time for another Review. The use of 1080 in Australia is being loudly challenged by many Scientists and the public.

I have set out below a letter to APVMA, if you would like to write to APVMA seeking a review, simply cut and paste on to an email.

18 Wormald St

Dear Doctor Sinappu

1080 Sodium Fluoroacetate

I refer to the review findings of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority published in 2008.
The purpose of the review was to decide whether the APVMA was “satisfied that continued use of products containing sodium fluoroacetate (“1080”) in accordance with the instructions for their use “would not be likely to have an unintended effect that is harmful to animals, plants or things or to the environment” (s34 (1) (a) (iii).
It is noted, the substantial evidence submitted to the review from stakeholders across Australia included evidence that 1080 negatively impacts non target species. The actual efficacy or lack thereof of using 1080 was challenged, with no data being produced to support its use. RSPCA produced significant evidence to show that 1080 is inhumane to both target and non target species and said it ought not be used. Thousands of domestic pets across Australia die an inhumane death each year caused by 1080 ingestion. Australian Dingo Control Association submitted the use of 1080 on wild dogs, meant that the Australian dingo, then listed as a vulnerable species, was at even greater risk as a consequence of the use of indiscriminate 1080 baits and poisons. RSPCA were critical of the review as human safety issues were not even addressed.
Despite these submissions, APVMA deemed it appropriate to permit ongoing use of products containing 1080 within Australia and made certain recommendations to State authorities to oversee use.
Since 2008, a number of scientific publications emerged which have held that the impact of the use of 1080 and poisons within Australia as a means to control “feral pests” has brought about destruction in the natural food “web”, causing a trophic cascade, with possible extinction of the Australian Dingo, the apex predator and ultimately cascading effects on the ecosystem. In other words destroying the dingo (with other creatures) is negatively impacting the Australian ecosystem and the Australian environment.
There is current substantial evidence that 1080 poisoned baits are not collected after use, that inadequate signage is used and without enforcement. Sometimes there are no signs in remote areas.
While the APVMA publish guidelines, the use of 1080 has become unrestricted rendering the published guidelines meaningless. State authorities do not control unfettered and unpoliced use, similarly lack of control over collection of unused baits means that non target species including native wildlife and domestic pets are dying a cruel and painful death.
There is huge public concern that the unfettered use of 1080 poses an increasing and unreasonable risk to human health and its use in Australia ought be reviewed.

Old arguments that 1080 reduces risk of death of farm animals by predation has been challenged with counter arguments that reduction in the natural predator, the Australian Dingo, has a counter effect. Farmers who elect not to use 1080 on their properties have found, reportedly, great benefits from a natural environment, with a return to a more natural ecosystem on their properties.

Growing concern among dog owners is reaching a shrill cry, they no longer want their pets killed because of 1080 baited meat or baits aerially dropped, picked up by their pets. Thousands of dogs still die each year from 1080 ingestion.
We request APVMA conduct an urgent REVIEW OF 1080 without delay in order to establish just what effect 1080 is having to animals, plants or things or to the environment” (s34 (1) (a) (iii) in 2016, eight years after the last Review.
Yours faithfully,

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