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We, The People, near and far are demanding that the school system reassess your decision and change an antiquated and offensive policy that should no longer be applicable to Deandre Arnold or any student hereafter or going forward. This seems to be a violation of his right to freedom of religion and expression. Both are unconstitutional

This petition is regarding the suspension and refusal to allow Deandre Arnold, a Senior at Barbers Hills High School,  to march and graduate with his class of 2020. Mr. Arnold is not being allowed to do so due to the fact that he has dreadlocks, which extends past the length and violates a 30 year policy of the school district. 

The student, Deandre Arnold,  a Senior at Barbers Hill High School, has been attending his high school during his entire academic career. There has never been mention of a problem or concern until now, practically on the eve of his commencement. This young man has been growing his dreadlocks since seventh grade.In addition, this young man's choice to grow his dreadlocks is connected to his Trinidadian culture. 

We would also like the district to permit Deandre Arnold to resume school immediately. This is his Senior year and he needs to be in attendance so that he can complete the requirements in order to earn his diploma. We thank you for your time, consideration and attention to this matter of vital importance and urgency.