City of Los Angeles: Restore Vermonica Now

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A statement from Sheila Klein: 

The City of Los Angeles has failed to treat my call to reinstate Vermonica, whose removal breaches my intellectual property along with public interest, with sufficient seriousness and urgency. As a result I am obliged to commence with a public campaign for its rightful reinstatement. I call on the public for your support by signing the petition.

I want the piece to be reinstalled under my supervision within the Bureau of Street Lighting streetlight storage yard or adjacent to it before May 5, 2020, the 27th anniversary of Vermonica’s original unveiling. 

I ask that the City—the Mayor’s Office, Bureau of Street Lighting, Department of Cultural Affairs and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s Office—work together to pave the way to make this happen. Bureau of Street Lighting proved they can move, destroy and reinstall the work in four days.

Finally, I want the process to begin immediately for the City of Los Angeles to accession my restored piece as part of the civic art collection, to ensure that Vermonica is protected now and for future Angelenos. 

  • Sheila Klein

  • Vermonica 1993-2017

  • xVermonica 2017-present