Help free Montae Mitchell for his illegal incarceration and innocents

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Hello my name is Heidi Mitchell and my husband Montae Mitchell #1048297 is incarcerated at potosi correctional center in mineral point, mo 63660. 1st of my husband got arrested at 16 yrs old and that was in sept 2000, so over 16 yrs ago. Well he was sentenced to 75 years for 2x robbery and 2x armed criminal action with no evidence besides the 1s trying save themselves and succeeded. He was NEVER certified as an adult and hes been locked up ILLEGALLY in a adult institution for 17+ YEARS! We have an appeal his lawyer just responded back. So now the state of Missouri has not only wrongly convicted him but now they keep trying to get him on bogus charge. His rights have been violated multiple times. He is being so mistreated and he is forced his last 17+ yrs of his life to be taken away.

 In june 2013 he at the time he was in jefferson city correctional center and his brother Miguel who was previously incarcerated as well in jefferson city correctional center too(so all the staff knew him as well) got murdered on the streets. Well me and my husband begged for jccc to get him a psychiatrist to figure out how to deal with this tragedy and my husband told then he was about to snap out and needed help and then they wouldnt leave him alone and forced him to come out his cell and he just was trying to stay clear from what he was dealing with.  Our request was totally ignored until he 1 day(around dec 2013) he went to dinner(chow) and was throwing crackers to the birds while walking back to his housing unit with his head held down and 2 c/o's started in on his brother and about him getting killed and bad mouthing his brother, the next thing he knew he woke up in ad sag with a psychiatrist at his door, and charged with 2 assaults on those c/o's. It could have all been avoided if they wouldnt have denied him therapy as he and i requested from the start.  

  Please please hear us/him or i out! Altho he can tell it way more better them me cause he lives this everyday..  Me as his wife and his son is scared and worried for his well being! 

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