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Don't deport us back to our deaths

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Six years ago I was living in El Salvador when gangs began terrorizing my family. They killed my mother and my husband, then robbed and ransacked my house. They took everything – even the beds – and were threatening to kill me next. I had to escape.

I knew that the journey to the United States was very dangerous and I had a high chance of being raped or hurt along the way. But I would have died if I’d stayed in El Salvador. So I got a birth control injection and took my chances. A few years later, my 10 and 12 year-old daughters followed me, and somehow we all survived to make it to Boston.

But now the Obama administration is deporting families like ours back to El Salvador. And I’m afraid that we could be next.

Sign to ask President Obama to grant Temporary Protected Status to our family and other refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras who cannot safely return to their homes.

Our region has been experiencing devastating rates of violence – for years, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have ranked among the countries with the highest rates of homicide, particularly of women and children. In 2015, 17,500 people were killed in a region that is geographically the same size as the state of Oregon. If my daughters and I have to go back, we will become part of that statistic.

My daughters and I could be deported back to our deaths.

President Obama has full legal power to take this action – in fact TPS was designed for this exact situation, when an immigrant population cannot safely return to their home country. He could grant my family protected status today.

But he won’t unless enough of us rise up and demand it. Will you sign for my family, and for so many others who are being sent back to violent and dangerous situations?

Ask President Obama to grant Temporary Protected Status to refugees fleeing violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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