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Clemency Support for Larry Eugene Cason Jr.

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Larry Eugene Cason Jr. is my relative and I hope you will support this effort to enhance his chances of receiving Executive Clemency from President Trump.

Larry was charged on December 10, 2002 with Possession to distribute a controlled substance. He was given a 20-year sentence, and 10 years supervised release. He has currently spent 13 years and 10 months in prison. Prison creates an opportunity for people to do one of two things. Nevertheless, Larry takes full responsibility for his actions and blames no one but himself. 

He has two daughters, Ciarra N. Cason, 20, and Samaya L. Cason, now 14 that he loves dearly.  Each day he is forced to feel the painful void of watching them grow up without him in their daily lives. He has missed so much and wants to be present for them.  It is pivotal for a father to be in a daughter’s life, yet it is crucial that all children at any age benefit from the guidance and leadership of a father. 

He is a prime example of effective reformation, and has proven that he has learned from his mistakes. During his incarceration, he has had time to discover himself and his role within society as a man, as a thinker, and as a human being who is able to know the differences between right and wrong. I am confident that he has gained a stern moral and ethical foundation to build upon based on his cultural experiences and personal beliefs.

Larry has accomplished several things during his time away. He is involved in self-help education practices, and he has learned how to do body work on cars and then paint them. In addition, he has prepared a business plan for a developing mentoring program "K.O.O.F." (kids of our future). K.O.O.F. is designed to prevent kids from premature incarceration and death. He plans to teach at -risk youth the things he didn’t have a chance to be taught when he selected the wrong path in life.

My personal view is that we must do better for all the Larry’s of our nation, yet simultaneously discourage them from taking the same path he did. Please sign and support this petition for Larry Cason Jr.’s clemency.

Please sign this petition to help Larry return to a life he fully deserves.  Help Larry get home!

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