Petition update

Cautiously optimistic news, my friends....

Kathryn Jones
Uniontown, PA

Mar 4, 2013 — Bank of America has made contact with us and we believe, at this time, that they have reached out in good faith. We will, of course, work diligently with the bank to facilitate the process of modifying the mortgage for the benefit and satisfaction of all parties involved.

Friends, Bank of America heard you loud and clear. They didn't hear me, they didn't hear my husband, they heard YOU. Representatives of BoA read your words, heard your stories and felt your anger and disappointment. The victory we see on the horizon belongs to all of us. And, perhaps our experience will be another small step towards recognizing that every situation is uniquely human and requires a uniquely human response.

May that which you hold Sacred, bless you and keep you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and yes, signatures. I will keep you updated as events unfold.


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