Bandai Namco Games America: Localization For 『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』PS3

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The Godzilla Franchise is one of the most impacting phenomenons to ever grace pop culture upon a global scale, spawning destructive monstrousities within its wake, as well as create its own passionate fanbase who greatly embraces it and all of its atomic glory. Since the conclusion of Pipework's Godzilla Trilogy, fans have been greatly anticipating the next major Godzilla game to grace their consoles. That was nearly 7 years ago,  and in the wake of Gareth Edward's successful GODZILLA reboot film, the demand for a new videogame has only increased.

Upon the announcement of『ゴジラ-GODZILLA-』by Bandai Namco within Famitsu Magazine, G-fans everywhere sought its release, although upon realizing that it was only being released in Japan, expressed their interest and demand for the game to be localized in America. 

This petition campaign is to help the Western Branches of Bandai Namco Games to take notice of our demand. We are here to prove that there is a huge, passionate, dedicated fanbase greatly interested in the localization of GODZILLA. A fanbase who wants to support, experience, and embrace this celeberation of a beloved icon and its franchise.

What we are asking, is for Bandai Namco to acknowledge and listen to the voices of the Godzilla fanbase worldwide, and to greatly consider localizing this amazing game for all of us to enjoy.

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