Ban the sale, possession, and use of "consumer fireworks" in the City of Vancouver.

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If you want to have an impact, don't just sign this petition.  Immediately send a message to City of Vancouver Mayor and Council (only if you are a Vancouver resident, please).  Click HERE to go to the Mayor and Council contact form.

Read THIS, in which Vancouver Fire and Rescue services outlines the annual cost that consumer fireworks cause in the City!

The City of Vancouver (BC) regulates the sale and use of “consumer fireworks” in the City of Vancouver.  As soon as they go on sale every year on October 25, the City is assaulted day and night with the aural vandalism of fireworks being detonated in contradiction of the fire bylaw (By-Law No. 11312).  The regulations that require a permit, restrict use to private property on October 31st only, and prohibit firecrackers, roman candles, and bottle rockets are not working.

Every year, all residents are harassed for several weeks with random explosions at all times of day and night, resulting in interrupted sleep and upset and anxious animals and children.  Fire department and police resources are wasted.  Parks, schoolyards, streets, and alleys are littered with spent firework shells.  And sometimes the disruption moves beyond disturbance of the peace:

  • On October 29, 2015, a house in Vancouver was destroyed by fireworks set off in a City alley, luckily with no loss of life. LINK
  • On October 29, 2016, a dog was killed by a SkyTrain after being spooked by fireworks set off in mid-afternoon. LINK
  • In 2013, Lesley Kim lost an eye to fireworks in Gastown LINK.
  • And, check out this presentation from Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services documenting burned buses, schools, and private property. LINK

The regulations are not working, and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services agrees!.  The solution to the danger and disruption from consumer fireworks is to ban the sale, possession, and use of fireworks in the City of Vancouver.  Many other Metro Vancouver municipalities ban the sale and use of fireworks - why must City of Vancouver residents suffer?

City of Vancouver (BC) residents:

  • Please sign this petition to the City of Vancouver Mayor and Council to BAN THE SALE, POSSESSION, AND USE OF CONSUMER FIREWORKS IN THE CITY OF VANCOUVER.  Please allow your name and comment to be displayed as this will help drive others to sign and lets us better identify City residents.
  • Please forward this petition to your friends and family in the City of Vancouver - we need sufficient numbers to convince the new Council to take this issue seriously.
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such as the Honda Celebration of Light or Canada Day fireworks displays, which do not involve the sale of any pyrotechnics to consumers.