Ban Plastic Bags In Florida

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Plastic Bags are an environmental disaster, especially in the State of Florida, which has a very diverse ecosystem. Plastic bags are killing marine life, causing flooding by clogging storm drains and aren't biodegradable. I started this petition because I couldn't tolerate seeing plastic bags in our beautiful waters, on our beaches and within our cities anymore. It's a dangerous form of litter that needs to be eliminated. Get involved by sharing this petition. 

Presently, the City of Coral Gables is in the process of banning plastic bags. There is a 'State Preemption Law' which loosely says cities can't ban plastic bags. House Bill 93 and Senate Bill 0162 will allow coastal cities with under 100,000 in population to pass ordinances which will put them into a pilot program to regulate plastic bags. These bills will give coastal cities local home rule which has been restricted for so many years.  

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