Ban fracking before it's too late!

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On the last day before parliament broke up for the summer recess, the government snuck in its approval for fracking near where I live in Lancashire. This will be the first fracking in the UK since drilling by the same company in 2011 caused two earthquakes, and will pave the way for it to spread across the country. Fracking - which involves drilling into the earth to extract shale gas - poses a serious risk to our health and our environment. This is why I’m calling for it to be banned.

In April 2011 I was woken up by my house shaking so hard that I thought a large vehicle had collided with the building. I quickly realised that it was an earthquake which was later proved to be caused by Fracking Company Cuadrilla drilling  for shale gas. Ever since then I’ve been campaigning against fracking to protect future generations, including my own grandchildren.

Where fracking is happening in the US, Canada and Australia, people are getting sick as a result of the toxic chemicals they are exposed to via both air and water. Even our own government reports acknowledge that emissions of polluting chemicals in the air will increase (1). Pollution brought about by the fracking operation also can also kill crops and pose a severe threat to wildlife. Methane leaks from gas wells and pipelines make fracking a serious contributor to climate change, more serious than CO2.

The UK's anti fracking movement is made up of ordinary people doing whatever we can to protect our communities, our lands and our grandchildren against huge fossil fuel industries. Following pressure from local anti fracking groups and national NGOs, Lancashire council denied planning consent to Cuadrilla’s fracking plan in June 2015. But shockingly the government then stepped in to overturn this decision. And last week they gave Cuadrilla - the very same company that caused the two earthquakes in 2011 - the green light they need to start fracking again.

Fracking started on 15th October and caused 37 small earthquakes within the first 17 days, the largest being 1.1Ml on the Richter scale!

They had to stop fracking at that and haven't re commenced yet, that’s why I urgently need your help to tell the government to reverse its decision and stop fracking.

If we let them start in Lancashire again it will be just the beginning - fracking will become the norm across the country.

I refuse to let earthquakes, contaminated water, environmental contamination and climate change be an accepted part of the world that we hand down to our grandchildren.

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