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Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetic Products

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Across the country, thousands of animals are locked in laboratory cages at this very moment. They endure terrifying and painful procedures, living their lives in fear, loneliness, and agony. Guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, and rats have chemicals squeezed into their eyes, poured down their throats, and ground into their skin.

Why all this insanity? So that cosmetic companies can test chemicals they hope to use in products like shampoo, make-up, and body lotions. Many of these tests are unnecessary and they often garner inaccurate results. In addition, scores of cosmetic companies have been able to create safe and effective products without testing on animals.

Further, the European Union has just enacted legislation that bans the sale of any cosmetics that have been tested on animals anywhere. This means that American companies that do test on animals have lost over 500 million potential customers, since no members of E.U. countries will be buying their products! In other words, testing on animals is not only cruel, unnecessary, and immoral-- it is now financially unsustainable as well.

It is high time for the United States to ban animal testing for cosmetics.

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