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Awareness of censorship on news legal help forums....

Since 2005 I was assaulted and incarcerated by Manassas Police in a CVS pharmacy I have been posting on the local community News, WTOP Radio ( ; I focused on articles relating to attorneys, law enforcement and the courts - specifically questioning the propaganda that was posted. 

The reason that I have been active is because the morning I was assaulted my girlfriend and myself were returning from the hospital where she was being treated for a reaction to medication provided by CSB.  I was assaulted by the police after I had submitted to arrest, this would have been on the CVS security video which I had identified to our attorneys.  The attorneys never bothered to review this material, they showed up in court and stated that the video was irrelevant in Virginia courts.  Was this because these members of the Virginia State Bar were lazy or that Virginia courts are kangaroo courts, I do not know ?  It is also to be noted that the Virginia State Bar lost its ethics in 2000, the year that my girlfriends probono dog bite injury attorney was charged with stealing settlements, the Bar did not ensure that one probono client have competent counsel for their case,

The 2005 and other events provided much fodder for my posts on WTOP and  Needless to say my opinions were unpopular and recently WTOP chose to delete all my posts and disabled my account.  I recreated myself as Jowey Styxx II.

Over the years I posted on, after all these are supposed to be professionals with solutions, they were not.  Regardless of what they say "peer review" is not effective review, the "peer" does not know what material their associate did not bother with using.  What was interesting about was that they deleted my posts but left the responses.

One could argue that my posts were on sites owned by the organizations and they had a right to censor my opinions.  In a free and functional society I find it hard to accept that not only is the press censoring the propaganda but the courts and their officers.  When an attorney does not bother with even reviewing available material for whatever reason, that is censorship of due process and a betrayal of the public trust.

Maybe I am a ranter, should be shot at a traffic stop by a cop as was suggested and my posts purged - which means that only one point of view is presented.


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