Modification Building Lease Contract

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Greetings Residents of Rincón, P.R. and Adjacent Peoples:

Rincón Fab Lab Maker, Corp. is non-profit located in the city of Rincón, Puerto Rico duly registered in the Department of State of Puerto Rico that also has the state and federal tax exemption 501 (C) 3 to provide service educational support.

In 2017, a manufacturing laboratory (Fab Lab) and a non-profit community Makerspace center are registered to provide the city with technology and resources to facilitate innovation and promote the pursuit of education "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ( STEM)" /  "Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)" / "Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STREAM)", in addition to being part of the global laboratory network   "Fab Lab" from the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)", one of the most prestigious universities in the United States specializing in technology. For more information access our website:

Our next goal is to provide lawyer Ms. María Palou, Infrastructure Advisory in Fortaleza (PR.GOV, Government of Puerto Rico) with the justification to change the DTOP (Department of Transportation from Puerto Rico) lease to the Municipality of Rincón, No. 2019-00092 of the former school "Juan Ruíz Pedroza". The current contract prevents the establishment of a community center of innovative technology in the building No. 5 of the legend of the Municipality of Rincón; being an annual lease. This means that the sponsors of private companies will not support this project because of the high risk of losing money to a low-income community and making it impossible to implement the last stage of STEM / STEAM / STREAM education development in the town of Rincón .

The Municipality of Rincón has this lease of the campus with the purpose of establishing the project entitled “School of Culture”, located in Latitude 18.341309, Longitude -67.251058 or of Google Map.

This campus consists of several buildings of which they will be occupied under the themes of:

1) Rincón History Gallery

2) Gallery of the immortals of Sport and Kiosks

3) Meeting Room

4) Sugarcane Gallery

5) Fab Lab >> Rincon Fab Lab Maker, Corp.

6) Bathrooms

7) Contemporary Art Gallery

8) Craft workshop

9) Residence and Workshops of Artists I

10) Residence and Workshops of Artists II

11) Cultural Center (Meeting and exhibition hall)

12) Amphitheater

13) Kiosk Sale of Crafts and Souvenirs

14) Bathrooms

15) Residence and Workshops of Artists III

16) Office

17) Ju-Ka-Ko-Kempo Gallery

18) Triathlon Gallery

19) Gallery of Mayors and First Ladies

20) Bathrooms

21) Warehouse

To complete the process of straightening the RFLM, modifications must be made to the lease agreement between the DTOP and the Municipality of Rincón. These are included in the following:

Clause No. 7th, 10th and 37th.


7th - The mayor is restricted from leasing to external organizations of the mayor's office.

Rincón Fab Lab Maker, Corp. prepared justification document to be presented at the Executive Mansion; containing the description of “Rincon Fab Lab Maker”, a breakdown of the inventory of more expensive machines (prices / shipping), with its requirements and reasons why this contract does not fulfill the mission of the project.

10th - Restriction of signage on campus.

Rincón Fab Lab Maker, Corp. also includes in the justification document that will be presented in the Fortaleza Executive Mansion, the application for permission to label building during the time determined in the contract.

37th - Central government may terminate said contract at any time but cannot register.

Rincón Fab Lab Maker, Corp. also includes in the justification document that will be presented in the Executive Mansion, the change in this clause where the central government must notify said organization one year in advance of the renewal or cancellation of this agreement.

------------------------------------- Summary -------------------------------------

We respectfully request the Lawyer María Palou, consider to make the changes proposed in order to provide the people of Rincón with the services that the RFLM would offer.

We, Rincón Fab Lab Maker Corp., its executive committee and residents of Rincón and adjacent villages, very respectfully request that these modifications to the contract be considered and approved for the benefit and enjoyment of all citizens.

We present below the resident signatories of Rincón and adjacent towns, as concerned citizens that we urge our leaders to act now to approve the modification of the building contract no. 5 rental: 1) At a minimum of 10 years; 2) Permission to label building during the time determined in the contract; and finally 3) Central Government must notify the renewal or cancellation of said agreement one year in advance.

For the approval of this community project STEM / STEAM / STREAM and Fab Lab Maker; suggested by representatives of federal funding agencies.

Thank you all for your effort and willingness.