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Lynda Jones

Jun 28, 2016 — Hi all. There's been some tumultuous times since the last update. There is so much to tell, yet so much we can't - but trust me when I say, when the time is right, there's gonna be one hell of a story.

The last update was 18 days ago, and Oshin was about to start his 4th round of chemo. The lad hasn't been well enough yet for that to happen - his "counts are too low". To put that into perspective, here's something I just read about chemo:
"... 'side effects' of chemo may occasionally result in fatality to patients. More importantly, side effects (low bloods) prevent delivery of the full dose of chemotherapy on schedule. The expected outcome is based on delivering treatment at the full dose and schedule prescribed in the treatment plan. In other words, side effects compromise the chance of cure by preventing the delivery of therapy at its optimal dose and time."

Those words are written in the context that the patient may be expecting a cure, yet everyone involved with Oshin has stated on record that chemo will not cure the child. So they're not aiming for a cure, just disease control. Yet his poor, skinny wee body is coping so poorly with what they've done to him so far, they've had to postpone treatment for almost three weeks - and still he's not well enough for the next barrage.
You might think it reasonable then that the 'oh so learned ones in white jackets' may deem this child to be at risk of what they call "treatment mortality". But oh no, they're waiting in the wings, ready for another high dose session - as soon as the blood counts are "high enough".


Every fibre in Angela's being is screaming at her to not allow them to do any more harm to Oshin. If she just didn't take him in, there is likelihood of terrible repercussions. We believe there to be a possibility that the hospital could order an "in house" psychiatric evaluation, thereby rendering her, temporarily at least, unfit and thus they would take full control of Oshin. I will say this is 'here say' only, but on fairly good authority all the same.

This is not as extreme as it may sound - it is happening every day, all over the world. I have attached this Q&A session from the last series of The Truth About Cancer. Press play, and the very first question he mentions Oshin. In other parts of the series they talk at length about the medical mafia kidnapping kids for chemo.

An overseas clinic told me just last week - "we know Australia is as bad as America". Is that what our country really wants?

This is real life. It is Oshin's life.


Please share this petition - send it where it hasn't yet been. There are too many people that still know nothing about this.

Stay in touch with Oshin via the Oceans Of Hope Facebook page - send him your love, it helps him and his two beautiful sisters.

Thank you all for your support. Talk soon. x

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