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Australian born children with disabilities are being denied access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) simply because their parents are New Zealand citizens. Currently children born in Australia to New Zealand parents who are on the Non Protected Special Category Visa (any New Zealander who moved to Australia after 26th Feb 2001) are denied access to the NDIS.

New Zealanders living in Australia pay the exact sames taxes as Australians (including the Medicare Levy, that funds the NDIS) but yet we are denied access to it for our children. How is that not discrimination? Only once the child turns 10 years old and has been continuously living in Australia they can then apply for citizenship and then go on to apply for NDIS.

Ten years old is too late for these children with disabilities, research shows that early intervention is critical to the child's ability to mobilise, play, socialise, learn and develop . By denying access to the NDIS, not only are they delaying and increasing the cost to the tax payers, they are reducing the child's quality of life significantly.

It is time someone had a voice for these innocent children with disabilities who have fallen through this eligibility criteria loophole. These children deserve a chance at life too, they shouldn't have to sit here and wait 10 years watching their quality of life decline.

We are calling on the Australian Government to change the eligibility criteria to the NDIS so that our Australian born children are entitled. Please help us support this cause.


My wife Brooke and I moved to Australia in 2005,we have both always worked and always paid our taxes,we built a family home and have had three beautiful children, my two daughters Maddison who is 6 years old and Bailee who is 5 years old and our son Kaiden who is 3 years old.

Three years ago my wife gave birth to our son Kaiden, and what should of been a wonderful time filled of love and happiness, quickly turned into fear and sadness. Shortly after our son was born, he had bleeding on his brain. Kaiden was rushed in for emergency brain surgery to remove the blood clot. This sadly resulted in him suffering brain damage, and then a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Ever since then we have struggled financially to keep up with the care for our son and the stresses of everyday life. Kaiden was officially denied NDIS access purely based on the fact that we (his parents), are New Zealand citizens. Kaiden's therapy and equipment costs are up too $100,000 per year. Without the NDIS funding, these costs are impossible for us to maintain. This legislation needs to change for us and hundreds of other New Zealand families living here in Australia stuck in similar situation.

We are asking for your help, please sign and share this petition.