Keep CodeNext transition zones out of our neighborhoods

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We respectfully request that the Mayor and City Council direct the City Manager to ensure that neighborhood transition zones are not used in established neighborhoods.

The CodeNext new draft maps do not abide by the “Austin Bargain.”  The current proposal shows new transition zoning used extensively throughout older neighborhoods doing exactly what the Mayor promised wouldn’t happen.

The Code Diagnosis (p 59) points out that many of Austin’s older neighborhoods have missing middle building types that provide a range of housing choices and a residential intensity that supports neighborhood main streets.  Instead of protecting these older neighborhoods, the transition zones are a tool for adding density and undoing existing compatibility regulations.  The proposed transition allow for larger buildings, more units, and more impervious cover. These added entitlements will encourage redevelopment and destroy the Austin neighborhoods selected for transition zoning.  CodeNext benefits the developers at the expense of the current residents.