Drop Charges on All Arrested at Crab Park Tent City

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48 activists and allies were arrested and charged with civil contempt of court order June 17, 2020 at Namegan Tent City 2.0, Crab Park. Residents and supporters were peacefully occupying at Crab Park and protecting the sacred fire. Furthermore, residents and supporters were fighting to prevent an injunction order from Supreme Court of British Columbia requested by Vancouver-Fraser Port Authority to evict Crab Park residents. Residents were also demanding the City of Vancouver provide adequate housing for Crab park residents and leave the camp undisturbed until this was secured.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) forcibly displaced 150+ residents from their homes by enforcing this injunction. This action destroyed the community, increased the risk of COVID-19 transmission due to lack of PPE used by the VPD, and dismantled a sacred fire and cultural space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

The VPD told residents they would respect protocol by not arresting anyone until the sacred fire burned out naturally. Instead, VPD had their Indigenous police liaison douse water over the fire, placed a barricade in front of the fire, and forcibly arrested residents and supporters before the sacred fire burned out naturally.

Sign this petition to demand Attorney General David Eby, Deputy Attorney General Richard Fyfe, BC Prosecution Service, and BC Crown Counsel drop all charges on all arrested at Crab Park!