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Bring back concessions and scrap the membership scheme at HCAFC

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Hull City Association Football Club has for a long time been at the centre of many in Hull, and the surrounding area's hearts. It's a team that has fought to achieve a Premier League and European status. It has always had loyal fans that have stuck by the club through its highs, and more commonly throughout history, its lows. Recently the Allam family announced a 'revolutionary' way of buying your seat for the next season. The ironically named 'Earn Your Stripes' program works on a pay per month basis and sees tickets starting at £21 per seat per month, with tickets priced depending on the area the seat is located. The major and controversial changes are the removal of the West Upper Stand if we fail to get promoted to the Premier League, and the removal of the concessions tickets, with a one price for all system being preferred. Firstly, the removal of the West upper stand has caused a large amount of controversy, forcing long term fans to move. The major overlooked point I wish to mention is that the West Upper has some of the best views in the stadium. Why, when it costs no more to open, would you close that as opposed to what may be considered less desirable seated stands, as per the prices of last season? This stand would be much preferred to those charging £21 per seat in the current system. Secondly, and in my opinion more importantly, is the removal of the concessions system. Let me put this into context. A 3 year old child, a 16 year old teenager, a 40 year old adult, and an 85 year old pensioner all pay the same price. 'Revolutionary'. As a consequence some parents have seen their children's tickets go up by around 1000%. 10 times that of last season. This has forced future fans and families away. Also, like myself, teenagers have been forced out. The price of my seat has risen 350% to around £350 in an already poor seat (Sat ducking and bobbing over the crossbar!). I go with a group of 3 friends. Not one of us 4 can afford to go next season. Also hit are pensioners, which is where the irony from the Earn Your Stripes name has come from. These fans have followed the club for decades and have now been forced out by unforgivable price increases because apparently they haven't earned their stripes. I urge you to sign this petition to force change and show Mr Allam what a mistake he is making with his new membership scheme. Thank you for reading.

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