Ask OTR to remove pigeon traps from the roof of their buildings.

Ask OTR to remove pigeon traps from the roof of their buildings.

4 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Samira Fateh

On the roof of OTR building on Pulteney street, Adelaide, there is a trap for pigeons, installed by Allstate pest company, their method is one week feeding, one week trapping and cutting their necks. By this method, they lure pigeons from another buildings to the OTR roof and then get rid of them at the spot and OTR naively believes they are the pigeons on their building roof, which are not.
All state pest control never attempted any non lethal methods to control pigeons at first place, they straight away use lethal methods.
What we asking:
- OTR: Please remove pigeons trap from the building roof on Pulteney street branch, Munno Para and ... as cutting pigeons neck is extremely cruel and inhumane. Choose pest control services wisely, don't just buy their services because it is based on government legislation and you believe pest controllers have licences to do so. Always ask enough question to understand what solution is the best for your business, you are paying for killing pigeons that get attracted from other buildings to your business roof, they were not at you building roof at first place, you paying naively for wrong service.

_ Allstate pest control company: You never use any non lethal methods prior to use trap! 
By the method of one week feeding, one week killing, you attract pigeons from another building to OTR and get pay for killing these birds. If still want to make money, why not trying ethical methods? As you mentioned in your policy, Allstate pest control company "implementing new technologies to satisfy the customers", trapping pigeons and cutting their neck is extremely barbaric, way beyond cruel and very old method that does not control pigeons population.
When there are many effective non lethal available, why using traps, poisoning and shooting?

- PETA & RSPCA: When is the time to take action against these cruelty? How long we have to be witness of these barbaric methods around the city and how long PETA & RSPCA want to be silent and do nothing about that? Pigeons are torturing to dead by the most cruel ways and that is so much accepted by RSPCA and PETA and other animal welfare organisations. Killing by any how and under any circumstance is not humanely!!! 

- Health SA: The cycle of torturing city pigeons continue until authorities make a proper solution. 
Using lethal methods are never good solution to control pigeons population, scientifically approved that by killing pigeons, their population increase as it would be less competition for juveniles on source of food to regenerate their population. Lethal methods has no effect on pigeons population, just filling pest control companies pocket. Governments must oblige pest control companies to use ethical methods rather than cutting pigeons necks barbarically!!! 

What are alternatives?

- Adelaide council: 
Adelaide council can be the most effective party to control pigeons population humanely.
The best alternative methods are control breeding methods: Ovocontrol is contraceptive corns to avoid hatching eggs. Ovocontrol is approved in Australia last year, but it seems still very unfamiliar for council and pest control industries. 
Another method is building pigeon house on the building roof or dovecotes on green areas for pigeons. When they settle in and start to lay eggs, an operator can change the real eggs with fake ones. By this method, pigeons population gets under control. 
These methods can be done by Adelaide council to control pigeons population humanely.


Unfortunately pest control companies choose the short term effective and quick solution which is targeting the bird rather than its breeding.

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Signatures: 1,147Next goal: 1,500
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