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Who is cheating you today ? Need Stronger Consumer Protection Law in India

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I am sure you are also one among the pity Indian who is been bullied but corporate by not providing proper customer service and carry who cares about the law attitude. We are been silent for so very long and how long we are gona do this sit back relax and let poor customer service / care such all your time, money and peace. 

Its now almost 3 years when we gave our 55" Panasonic Tv for service and my father who is 68 years now is following up with it from then where there never updated the real status and give fake promises. My father traveled 15km every week just to know the status of the TV as they never picked up the phone nor gave any update - at 60's TV was his only source to relay on to relax. In between there where two Panasonic Representative (Mohan 9500127324, Nandha Kumar 8754578204 claimed to be the district head) got in touch and they told they will negotiate the issue out but they hardly did nothing. 

After several complaints at different levels at Panasonic we got a reply from the Panasonic service center that "You should be happy that its only 3 years, there are even people waking to service center for 10 years now". When you say about the consumer laws they just really dont care. 

I gave a request for disconnection of my Airtel connection in December 2016, where I was informed that their systems are not working and some one from the retention team will call back, which I never received. Still Airtel want me to pay the bill for December even though I have given the disconnection request. I have still spoke with appellate officer Airtel, who promissed a call back and some one called me back - when asked for the detail he just put me on hold for more than 45 min and disconnected the call. 

Recently HDFC bank had bought in a email opt-in (read here)where you will be automatically enrolled for VAS, just by receiving a mail and you have to volunteer Opt Out if you dont want to be charged.  

These are just few incidence where we are been conned in our every day life, but these are not just limited remember the conductor who does not gives you the change, the newspaper vendor, randomly activated value added service on your mobile. How many of us complain on this ? what even happens if you complain. - You Know Right!

Let's all ask our government, our Honorable Law minister Mr.Ravi Shankar Prasad to help us with a stronger consumer law, which is really respected and where we can feel we are safe atlast.  

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