Boycott of Asian Paints for Sponsoring Zee News Program "Fatah Ka Fatwa"

4,615 समर्थकों के साथ इस पेटीशन ने बदलाव लाया!

Dear Zee News Advertiser:

I am a loyal and patriotic Indian and, as such, I am making the informed decision not to support companies that advertise on Zee News program "Fatah Ka Fatwa". I feel that you have the right to know why not me, my family n my friends not boycott you and your products.


This program "Fatah Ka Fatwa" on Zee News is notoriously partisan and biased. At times, it can even be considered offensive and prejudicial. And this program disturbing communal harmony of Indian society. And also making fun of one sect of society. Zee News is helping to further the social divide amongst the citizens of the India.


Until these issues are addressed and remedied, I will not watch Zee News. Furthermore, until your company discontinues your relationship with Zee News, I will not purchase your products or services.


Please consider severing your ties with Zee News and its programs "Fatah Ka Fatwa" and spending your advertising budget in areas that will help build a better India. It is never acceptable for a company lije you to support the intentional distribution of misinformation and bias to the citizenry of the India.








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