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We are all humans and each one of us is a member of the Human Race.

Societies and nations at present are fragmented and forcing cultures and races of all kinds into categories. As a result, this categorisation of people is leading to isolation due to race, gender, religious beliefs, or sexuality. Disharmony throughout the world is rife with tension due to these perceived differences between people. This is not just happening on an individual level it is widespread within government, across the boundaries of nations and in peoples’ hearts and minds. The definition of race is purely a human construct which creates a divide between people that is unnecessary.

The categorisation of people is achieving exactly the opposite of what needs to happen throughout the world. What needs to be happening is unity; unity of all people across the world regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, sexuality, disability or mental health and acceptance of everyone being a part of the Human Race, to which we all belong equally.

Our world is full of diversity amongst individuals which creates a rich variety. Being respectful and considerate of all people without stereotyping or focusing on differences and instead embracing the diversity of all people, as ONE RACE, is something that should come naturally to all and can be easily achieved through acceptance. The minor ways in which individuals are different will then become something to celebrate and cherish, instead of creating the divides that they do today.

We propose for everyone in the world to sign a petition to have one day of holiday to be marked as a symbolic day of unity. On this UNITY day everyone can share, come together, and make a conscious effort to embrace each other as one. If every person is participating in acceptance rather than exclusion, chastisement, and victimisation, it can help to remind everyone that the minor differences between individuals are what make us all special as members of one race, The Human Race. This day we propose would be on the same date throughout the world to mark our unity. We all have the power to make positive changes in this world, to make this world a more harmonious, accepting world and we invite all people of all nations within the world to sign this petition and to unite.

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