Relaxation In Fee for Academic year 2020-2021

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As we know that NSUT is going to conduct Online classes for the forthcoming semester. In the notice dated on 21/07/2020, the fee structure decided by the University is completely unjustified in the pandemic situation of COVID 19.We the students of NSUT oppose this decision of the University because of the following reasons.

  • Fee structure of our college is divided into many parts.For a second year student total fee is 1,90,000 breakdown of the total fees is follow:
    Tuition Fee - 59500
    University Fee - 74750
    Student Fund - 22500 
    Facility and Services - 16250
    Eco. Fund - 5000
    Examination Fee - 12000
  • Since the University will be conducting online classes, Tuition fee and Eco.Fund are the only two components that seem legitimate. According to the University, Student Fund is charged for co curricular activities, Cultural gathering,Fest etc. Facilities and services are charged for Research initiatives TnP etc. Examination Fee for Man power hiring, Printing cost,Infrastructure strengthening and as for University fee,it is not disclosed where it is utilised.
  • Many parents have lost their jobs,haven't been paid by their employer or their businesses have been heavily impacted since the onset of this pandemic in India. Therefore it is nearly impossible for our parents to pay this unjustified fee structure.

We request the Management to reconsider the fee structure so proposed and renew the same taking care of the following demands of the students:

  • Revise the Fee Structure to the basic i.e. only Tuition Fees and CVSPK. If University fee is added then disclose where it is being used.
  • Increase the deadline of fee payment for this semester to about a month so that life comes back to normal and parents get into a situation to pay the fees.