Justice for Kennedy Catholic HS Teachers Forced to Resign

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It has been reported that the Archdiocese of Seattle requested the resignation of two Kennedy Catholic High School teachers who are engaged to marry their same-sex partners. 

In a statement issued by Kennedy Catholic on 2/14/2020, the school announced the teachers' resignations and stated that the teachers were "highly capable, gifted, and qualified." Despite their amazing contributions to the Kennedy community, they were forced to resign on the basis of their loving commitment to their future spouses. 

Archdiocese policy requires employees to "live a lifestyle compatible with Catholic teaching." http://www.seattlearchdiocese.org/Archdiocese/Policies/Documents/HumanResources2.pdf Based on recent events, it appears that the Archdiocese interprets this policy to mandate exclusion of LGBTQ community members for entering loving marriages.  

This petition requests that the Archdiocese of Seattle (1) re-hire the two teachers who resigned; (2) issue a public apology for the harm caused to the teachers and community by requesting the teachers' resignations; and (3) modify its policy to ensure that no teacher is fired or asked to resign on the sole basis that the person is engaged in a consensual committed relationship with a same-sex partner.