Save Transfiguration Academy

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Official Petition Site from HSA:

On August 4, 2020, we were met with the devastating news that the Archdiocese of Newark would be closing our school, Transfiguration Academy. The aim of this petition is to request an appeal of this decision. 

Transfiguration Academy's motto is "strengthening faith, enlightening minds, and transforming hearts, one student at a time." This school has gone above and beyond that and has made us the best we could ever be, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Students have made many fond memories here and blossomed in Transfiguration Academy's environment. 

Additionally, Transfiguration Academy has given us so much. This school as given us an amazing education, insight on the real world, and many friends that we will never forget. Not only has Transfiguration given to its students, but it has given to the community as a whole. This school is an important member within the town of Bergenfield. Transfiguration has participated in more charity events that we could ever imagine and has raised money for many social causes.

However, the school is unfortunately closing. Parents and students were only notified of the schools closure one month before it was due to begin, so parents and students have not been given ample time to adjust. We ask that the Archdiocese of Newark allow our school to remain open for at least the 2020-2021 school year, so that we can find strategic ways to adjust.

We love Transfiguration Academy and we cannot bear to see the school we love so dearly close permanently. Please sign this petition so that the Archdiocese of Newark will reconsider their decision.