To all arabic hunters- tourists! Stop grabbing our wildlife, we dont need guests-killers!

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All Friends of the Nature!

Watch, Read, Sign and Pass!   

     We have our beaitful wildlife of Azerbaijan already several Years attacked by arabian tourists. Every Year thousands of beautiful animals (endangered animals inclusively) killed wildly. Photos of the hunting proses are daily in the social nets killing all of us who dear and care of the poor livings: dead & bloody animals bodies on the bloody hands of the arabic hunters with the wilder ugly smiles on wild face, that is disgusting. It is hurting to know that still long these helpless babies will killed if no one says any word. We don’t want to have a desert like in arabia. The story is the nature in the countries of our unwanted guests deserted because of abuse the nature by ancient hunters. Please, please and please:  Stop grabbing our wildlife by wildly killing our beautiful animals for your joy. Respect the rule and Law of the Country if you want to meet the respect. This is more than the crime. We don’t need killers as a guest. The governments of all concerned countries, please, strict the punishment to stop arrogances, otherwise stop them coming to us.