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Please Apple! Stop this nonsense! Let us mark iMessages as unread!

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  • Since there were 1 billion iPhones sold, the major problem on the iPhones is still active. 
  • Apple needs to solve this technical mistake as soon as possible. 
  • I believe that there are millions more than me struggling with the same tough fate. 
  • Apple could easily simplify the life of hundreds of millions innocent and hard working people. 


It should be the number one matter in this rough times. 


People don't understand the stock market and they don't even know how the tax system of Apple over the whole world works - and they don't care. Regular people - as I am - delight in those simple things. Especially in marking messages as unread. I do really like the new features of iMessage under iOS 10, but I couldn't hold back with dashed expectations. 


The last thing I want is to change my number one messenger and to stuff facebook or google with even more information of me. Who knows - some day I will wake up and see myself using an android phone. 


Please Apple beware us of this horrific scenario. 


Long story short:

Apple please update iOS 10 and your iMessage app so that we - the people - can mark our messages as unread


It will help us to not forget answering unimportant messages!


Sincerely yours,

One of a billion!


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