16:9 aspect ratio Option for iOS / iPhone Camera

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Apple, please give us the option for capturing Photos in 16:9 ratio with the Camera App.

- iPhone Displays are 16:9 or 19,5:9 - so it will fit better then 4:3
- TVs are 16:9
- Mac and PC Displays are also 16:9 (or 16:10)
- the aspect ratio is more near the human viewfield


Yes I know, 3:2 is a Photo standard and the Camera Sensor is 4:3 and a 16:9 Image will be cropped and loses pixels, but...

- how many people will print their Pictures in 2019 and how many view them on iPhone and other screens?
- the camera has a 1:1 option which also crops the Image and is much less usefull
- let the users decide if they will use the option or not

So, please Apple, give users the option to capture Images in 16:9!