To change the Racist names of Lovill and Hoey hall on Appalachian States Campus.

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Hoey Hall and Lovill Hall are residence halls/dorms on Appalachian State's Campus whose names should be changed. The buildings names were originally given with a purpose in mind however, Appalachian State has outgrown these persons We understand that Hoey and Lovill contributed to Appalachian and North Carolina but their stance on race cannot be ignored and thus the names of the buildings should be changed.

Hoey Hall is named after Clyde Hoey who was a former US Governor that pushed for segregated universities during his tenure.  Hoey also did not want Hawaii to join the United States due to it having too few white people. The hall was originally named for Hoey due to his strong influence on politics in North Carolina, however, this does not exempt him from the harm he promoted through segregation and the oppression of people of color in this state.

Lovill Hall, built in the 1960’s is named for Edward Lovill who was a Confederate Soldier and NC politician. The building is named for Lovill because in his time in the NC Legislature he secured a bill that helped the foundation of Appalachian State.  This work for education does not overshadow the fact that Lovill was a Confederate Soldier who took on leadership roles in the Confederate Army.  

The original intent of naming these buildings was to honor the actions of these men.  This is problematic because honoring these men means we should honor their actions as something to aspire to.  Both the values and actions regarding race of Hoey and Lovill makes honoring them a stain on Appalachians campus.  By letting the names of the buildings stay as the administration is sending the message that the values Lovill and Hoey had are still prevalent today on campus.  

Appalachians administration is aware of the problematic nature of the names of the buildings. In 2017 the SGA passed a bill to change the names of Lovill and Hoey but have failed to do so in the past year and a half.  The names of these men are important to our history of Appalachian who should be remembered; however, they are not a part of our heritage to be celebrated and therefore the names of Lovill and Hoey hall should be amended.

By signing this petition you are advocating for the name change of these buildings to no longer garner the names of men whose values we no longer support. Please sign today for a better future for Appalachian Students.