Ban dog shock collars in the UK!

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This petition has been set up to criminalise the use of electric dog collars or shock collars in the UK. As a nation of dog lovers with around 6.6 million dogs being housed, our laws should be doing everything they can to protect and care for our fury friends. A ban was underway last year, but was overturned by the work and pensions secretary, Thérèse Coffey. The overturning happened after she came under fire for using one herself. 

A position statement from the European College of Veterinary Clinical ethology has argued for a Europe wide ban for the use and sale of these collars. Not only is it unethical to punish your dog through these painful means, but evidence has shown that it is ineffective.
Electric dog collars are activated by loud noises or a remote and administer an electric shock to the dog after they bark. This is a form of negative reinforcement.

However studies performed by Ziv in 2017 and by the Department for Environment, food and rural affairs have proven this method to be an inaffective form of training as it can make dogs nervous, helpless and aggressive. 

Fear due to the collars can be easily misplaced and result in dogs being afraid of their owners or trainers. Dogs can also be conditioned to relate the electric shock with a place or other dogs and people walking by which defeats the purpose of this training. This fear can lead to an anxious and stressed dog.

There is also a risk of these collars malfunctioning  when in contact with water and ending up in the wrong hands, whether that be a child that is unaware of their purpose or someone who intends to be cruel to their animal. The abuse or malfunction of the collars has already led to galvanic corrosion and even death. Furthermore, the smaller the dog the more painful the shock. There is no evidence of these collars being an effective method of training but there is research proving that positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog.

Let’s put a stop to this cruel method of training together by signing this petition!