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Create Stricter Regulations for Animals Factoring!

Before explaining the horrific problem that is present in animal farming I would like to explain what it is about. CAFO is what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines as a place where animals are kept and raised with certain conditions as stated by USDA. These conditions defined by USDA include that there is more than 1,000 animal "units", in a certain space for more than 45 days in a year in which "discharges manure or wastewater into a natural or man-made ditch, stream or other waterway" (USDA)

The regulations are very short and do not apply the regulations that animals deserve. The quality of life of hundreds of thousands of animals is listed on a couple of paragraphs explaining regulations that it's owner must meet...

These regulations are often not enforced well and organizations that hold undercover investigators like Mercy for Animals have often found many franchises that do not meet them. In poultry, it is common for male chicks to be thrown out like garbage after birth because they are not useful for making the eggs wanted by the producers . In addition, chicken have been manipulated to grow at such an unnatural pace causing them to no longer being able to hold their own weight, becoming immobilized. Also, it is often forgotten that the unhealthy lifestyles that the chicken are forced to have affect our life as well. Since they live in filthy and overcrowded conditions they cause an immense amount of pollution in our environment which is not reversible. It is crucial for the Government to make an end to this. I would like to take a small step forward and stop this abuse in Michigan; this hazard should be removed by creating stricter regulations which are properly enforced in Michigan for the sake of the health for all. Thank you for your consideration.

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