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Support Human Rights in Western Sahara

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It is unbelievable that basic rights are publicly violated to this level, The Western Sahara is the only territory in Africa recognized by the United Nations as never having completed the process of decolonization. For 40 years, it has suffered Moroccan occupation. This is an illegal and immoral occupation - not a single country recognizes Morocco's SELF-DECLARED sovereignty over The Western Sahara.

Morocco's human rights violations against the Saharawi people have been well documented since 1975, most recently in Amnesty international's 2014/2015 report.

Some 250,000 Saharawis have been in stuck refugee camps for more than 40 years in the most inhospitable dessert in the world, waiting for the UN brokered vote of self determination to be held so they can return home. Basically , they are simply waiting for the right to vote something that most people take for granted - sovereignty.

The exploitation by Morocco of the natural resources i.e. phosphate, fish, water,  belonging to the indigenous population of The Western Sahara - the Saharawis -  removes the incentive for a peaceful solution.

According to international law, an occupying power cannot make profit from the natural resources of the territory it occupies. Therefore products from Western Sahara exported by Morocco are stolen goods.

This is particularly so in light of the scale of phosphate misappropriation - in 2014 the phosphate rock exploited by the Moroccan government was valued at approximately US$230,000,000 - that is, 10 times greater than the multilateral humanitarian aid refugees from The Western Sahara receive annually.

There are many dark/economical interest behind this, we need big numbers to make a difference.

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