Sudan Humanitarian Crisis

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Honestly I think everyone knows Sudan's condition. Several harmless citizens are dying , being tortured, raped, losing their loved ones every day.What has happened to humanity ?? Sudan is slowly sliding back to the civil War days. However It isn't too late to help us save Sudan. Everyone is approaching António Guterres to help. Yes  he can help us but in case the UN do not act with a complete desire to help the crisis. I would like other organizations to stand up too. Many non profit organizations can help us save Sudan. I am just a citizen living in a peaceful country and have no benefits whatsoever. But more importantly I am a human who has a family and loved ones. Nothing is worst than being stuck in a War so please help Sudan. The clock is ticking and each one of us can make a difference. I request you to donate to these organizations. Violence might not be the only solution to this crisis so I would like the Heads of organizations to try and convince the military of what they are doing. The fight should be kept far away from the citizens and help should be on their way to help the harmed citizens to evacuate the country and get medical care. Also the organizations need to join hands and work as a unit unlike what was done in Syria. A treaty shall be proposed and all this should be done in the nick of time. Please help me spread the message.