Justice For Our Ambassadors for JN ruining their reputations

Justice For Our Ambassadors for JN ruining their reputations

September 10, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mary Francese

Over 70,000 Ambassadors were working for JN Jewelry. A Lot of ambassadors did NOT get paid commissions for months. Many Ambassadors did not receive orders and are still outstanding. Many ambassadors won cars and trips and never received the prize or the payment of prize. 

The company just shut down with zero warning. No one saw this coming. We woke up to an image posted in a global group that states 

“We’re sorry….! JN will from today all activities globally in Network Marketing. We will in the coming weeks fulfill our outstanding orders for customers, and payout earned commission for our ambassadors. We would like to thank you for the last years. Your JN Team”

Over 4,500 orders were still awaiting shipment in the shipstation. This isn’t even the orders that are missing pieces and came incomplete. 

THOUSANDS of ambassadors haven’t even received July commissions, let alone August. Some have unspent credits they issued for their pay in their back office still. 

A team does not leave others high and dry without an explanation. We are getting blocked when we reach out to the CEO’s. Søren blocked me and many others. Jesper deleted his social media accounts. Annette is silenced. Why are we not getting answers?

We got conned. We got robbed. I will not stay silenced. We created Noise to promote JN. Let’s create noise to get the justice we deserve!! 

Please sign the petition so we can hopefully get answers! To my fellow ambassadors who are affected by this… I’m so sorry, and I’m on your side! 

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Signatures: 2,430Next Goal: 2,500
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