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Our No Love Locks™ petition is 1 year old!

Today, we celebrate 1 year since we launched our petition against "love locks" in Paris! The purpose of the petition was to attract the attention of the city authorities and the media, and to give Parisians and the many responsible tourists from around the globe a chance to express how they feel about locks in Paris. As of this writing, we have over 10,300 signatures (and still climbing!), 3,878 Facebook "likes", and 554 Twitter followers. No Love Locks has been featured in over 150 media articles or on-camera interviews world-wide. In addition, the city has taken a public stand as being against the locks (including NOT wanting to create a special place to put locks); they have boarded up the Pont des Arts while they work on a longer-term solution to the problem; and they've been working with the city architectural board on approval to use one of the experimental glass panels to replace the grillwork on several of the most heavily-damaged bridges. Although we have yet to see a single bridge completely cleared of locks or a firm ban on locks (something we continue to push for), we know the city is moving in the right direction and that it's only a matter of time until Paris is freed from this scourge. A year ago, we could never have dreamed that our little campaign and petition would have attracted so much media attention, but we feel our efforts to date have succeeded beyond our hopes, and we look forward to standing on a locks-free Pont des Arts and Pont de l'Archvêché very soon! Thank you all for your continued support! No Love Locks™

No Love Locks™
7 years ago