Angela Levin and the Telegraph, stop Swedish author Jonas Jonasson's slander!

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Swedish author Jonas Jonasson is the Hollywood, media, and publishing industry's gold mine. UK has Jimmy Savile. US, Harvey Weinstein. Sweden, Jonas Jonasson and his pack of hyenas, enablers—women and men who are willing to sell their conscience for money. L'histoire se répète, again and again, all over the world, until the good people dare to stand up and stop the abusers.

'Pack of hyenas': how Harvey Weinstein's power fuelled a culture of enablers.

Angela Levin and the Telegraph, don't be part of Jonas Jonasson's pack of hyenas!



Dear Angela Levin,
We are so sad to read that you had a cruel and horrid mother ( Our heart really goes out to you. We totally empathize and understand your suffering as a child. It is so good to see that you manage to come out of the dark abyss of abuse and be a good and successful mother.

We also now understand why you are so willing to write a slanderous article about Swedish author Jonas Jonasson's ex-wife Alex Tjoa and their little son Jonatan — people you do not know, people who never hurt you ( Even though you hate your mother, it is absolutely unethical to cast your deep-seated hatred and revenge to innocent mothers out there, perpetuating your mother's abusive legacy. If you cannot do good in this world, help reunite Jonatan and his mother, at least do not hurt them.

As a woman, be smart. Do not let yourself be used by a psychopath who takes advantage of abused women to abuse innocent women and children. Be a credible and ethical award-winning journalist.

Read the letter that Jonas Jonasson himself wrote,, and compared it to what The Telegraph published.

We demand that you and the Telegraph rectify your slanderous article,, and publish a public apology in the Telegraph that includes the #SaveJonatan blog link,


"I don't know anything about journalism, but as far as I know, one must research before writing, right? See if there's a different side of the story. Now, if I were a journalist, I would try with all my might to write nothing but the truth, because once it is on paper, people will believe it. Thus, an expression: pen is sharper than sword. So please, before you write something, just confirm. I read Jonasson's book, and the writing about Indonesia is very precise, very thorough, and the fact that he has never been to Indonesia, duh? Doesn't it make you wonder?"
— Mieke Puspita, Indonesia