Say NO to the Sale or Lease of Council Land at Shelly Bay.

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Wellington is about to hurtle headlong into a TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE that is going to cost ratepayers millions and will last for years and years and years to come.

In July of 2019, Wellington City Council CEO Kevin Lavery promised that because of "the high level of public interest" Councillors would have the opportunity to revote on the 2017 transaction that enabled the high-density development at Shelly Bay to proceed.

Thousands of Wellingtonians turned out last October to elect a Council that would keep that promise.

In a message dated 21/02/2020 incoming Chief Executive, Barbara McKerrow, has just informed all Councillors that "work will progress" on the development, in line with the 2017 decision.

So - despite public outcry, and despite previous assurances - there is no commitment to reconsider the Council's disastrous, discredited and misinformed original decision.

This is an unelected official, effectively telling the people of Wellington: "Your vote doesn't count."

PENINSULA PARENTS FOR A STRONGER COMMUNITY is a diverse group of parents supported by their families, friends, and co-workers who have come together from all over the Miramar Peninsula to make sure the voices of the people of Wellington are heard.

We are united in our concern over the following issues:

SAFETY: Traffic congestion on roads that are already deemed below minimum acceptable standards will cause drivers to take shortcuts through residential streets. That's right - speeding cars on the streets our kids take to cycle and walk to school on. Research shows that high-density housing contributes significantly to traffic congestion which in turn leads to the increased likelihood of accidents. Worse - we will be turning our cyclists into sitting ducks - there is no provision for a separate cycleway along Shelly Bay Road.

WHO IS GOING TO PAY?: Council says that its infrastructure costs will be capped at $10 million. Yeah, right. WCC can't even afford to fix our city's crumbling water pipes. So who will end up carrying the costs of upgrading and maintaining the off-site infrastructure - the urgent road fixes, the critical traffic planning, the sewage and stormwater collection, seawall repairs? ... We will! We the ratepayers will bear the cost of this. 

BREAKDOWN IN THE TIES THAT BUILD COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Studies have shown that traffic congestion caused by high-density housing negatively impacts the health and well-being of the affected communities. The ties that bind neigbourhoods and families together begin to break down. Not only do we burn through money and fuel sitting in traffic - but we also burn through time we can spend with our kids and each other. Traffic congestion stops our ability to access and enjoy community spaces - our schools, our parks, our churches and beaches, our libraries and local businesses. Why take your kids to sports events when you know it's going to take an hour sitting in traffic just to get off the Peninsula? We will be trapped here without even being able to access our local facilities. And don't think this won't affect the rest of Wellington - let's see what happens when the city's only airport becomes the major chokepoint in this impending "carmeggedon" 

And here's the really scary thing ... interests aligned with the high-density property development at Shelly Bay are trying to dismiss, undermine and distract from the valid concerns of thousands of residents who have already spoken up. "I think most people have identified that Shelly Bay is not a strong issue for Wellingtonians ..." Ian Cassels, Stuff Article Jan 29th, 2020. 


Tell Barbara McKerrow and the Wellington City Council:  STOP THE DELAYING TACTICS - WE SEE THROUGH THEM. WE DEMAND A REVOTE NOW!


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