Stop ebay selling bird traps and mist nets

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Ebay currently have over 1,400 listings for bird traps and over 500 for mist nets. This is in the UK alone. Ebay in all other European countries as well as Australia, NZ and the USA all have similar items on sale. This situation has been allowed to go unchecked for at least ten years. Despite attempts to bring this to the attention of ebay, there are more spring traps,mist nets and all-weather remote-operated bird call recording devices designed to entrap birds, than at any time in the past. There is only one legitimate reason for mist nets and that's for licensed bird-ringers to gain valuable data about bird populations and migration.  Spring traps have only one purpose and it's the illegal trapping of wild birds. Legitimate bird ringers don't source mist nets from ebay!  Birds are in trouble worldwide and the UK in particular has seen massive recent declines of small songbirds for many well-understood reasons including habitat loss, insecticides and climate change but trapping, whether with mist nets or spring-loaded traps, is a hidden problem that apart from the cruelty involved isn't helping with any recovery. Please sign the petition and help to bring this to an end-all it may take is enough signatures to present this petition directly to ebay to shame them into banning all listings for these worldwide. Apart from signing, please could you also share this and help to get it out to as many potential supporters as possible.