Close all NYC schools because of coronavirus Outbreak and taking classes online

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This Petition is to close All New York Schools during coronavirus outbreak

Our kids and the staff members are taking the subway to school every day, contacting a lot people on the subway and in school. I think they are in an extremely dangerous situation, especially as the second case of coronavirus in New York, The lawyer works at Grand Central, where the many train lines are located as well. Many kids and staff members taking Trains to get to school or back to their homes, which is now a big risk.

We think the alternative of having kids taking online class with teachers using Skype or any online teaching app is safer. Closing school should be the number one priority now. With today’s technology, we will still be able to progress academically as well as keep everyone safe; our kids, our teachers, and all the administrative people on the school. We think surviving is the main priority now. By that we are asking you to please close the school, and have our kids and teachers communicate via email, Skype, or other sources to progress academy.