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Why this petition matters

Started by Anderson Alumni

FHSD just released a statement saying they are committed to fighting discrimination and inequity. Yet, Anderson High School’s mascot continues to be racist.

Why is the mascot racist? 

The R-word is the moral equivalent of the N-word. It packs the same level of bigotry and insensitivity for Native Americans as any other racial slur. Additionally, it refers to the horrifying practice of skinning Native People.


What do Native Americans think about it?

Jheri Neri, activist from the Mescolare Tribe: “Races of people should not be mascots. Period.”

Philip Yeno, activist and executive director of the state of Ohio’s chapter of the American Indian Movement: “Our people and others have come to realize that this caricature of our people as a red face, smiling savage does great harm to us and our culture. This imagery, most sports teams are named after animals and they put us in that same category. We are a living culture. We still exists.”

Suzan Harjo, writer and lecturer, Cheyenne and Holdugee Muscogee: “Regarding their claim that it’s not offensive: it’s up to the offended, not the offender, to say what is offensive and what offends. It is grossly arrogant for offending white men to tell us what hurts and what does not.”


18,649 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!