Feed the homeless! Say 'NO' to supermarkets that waste food every day. Spread love!

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We are here to help each other and to make each others' lives more memorable, yet we allow supermarkets to waste tons of food every single day. As a result of that the majority of those in need go hungry. In the meantime, the main food stores in Australia, such as Coles and Woolworths throw tons of fresh food every evening regardless of its state. If a product is close to it's expiry date, it simply lands in the bin. How ridiculous is that!? Most of such products don't even end up being reduced in price, they are packed and thrown away. 

This situation affects all of us. Not only does it contribute to the starvation of the homeless, but also it increases everyone's carbon footprint of all the things and products that you consume.

Would you like to make a difference in the world? Please help me get enough signatures to stop the supermarkets from wasting food! That will offset your carbon footprint as well as save someone's life. 

Let's make a difference today! 

Spread food, love & happiness!